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       is a rock and roll album written recorded produced mixed and mastered all by myself. I recorded it in a hole filled garage/bedroom that I shared with crickets spiders and my friend Joe. It was all accomplished in roughly three months with only sm58 and sm57 microphones.

     The original TOOMUCHOFAGOODTHING album is for sale in the store as well as the second album JOYRIDE which was just finished spring of 2018. It's a similar style - recorded with minimal setup in basements all over northern michigan (sometimes in my livingroom in pajamas).   

Album 3 was recorded in Bellaire Mi with Dave Runyan ( And was mostly done live with a trio which gives it a bit of a different vibe than the first two albums. It's called When The Lights Go Out and it's a bit of a collection of songs about saying goodbye and letting go.


Indie Folk Duo

Kellerville is a folk duo with my cousin Holly Keller. We make a lot of sound for two people by juggling a handful of different instruments and both singing. I also have a stomp box installed inside my guitar and play tambourine with my foot. It's a stomping Americana good time for all.

More at

Time To Kill - Kellerville


As I Draw In Smoke - SQuiDMouTH

SQuiDMouTH is an alt-grunge punk-pop rock trio with concise songs full of attitude written and sang by frontwoman Erin Campbell. It's a refreshing new sounding rock and roll experience that melts in your mouth not your hand.

The idea for the name came while Erin and I were on the Oregon coast. She was telling me about famous musicians who use alter egos to get over stage fright. We thought Squidmouth would be an awesome name for her acoustic set of sad love songs, but when she got to northern Michigan she ended up with a rock and roll band that fit the name perfectly.

Galactic Sherpas

are a high energy 9 piece band with a full horn section that plays anything from reggae to rock and roll and all the in between. Find more info at

Goodface - Galactic Sherpas
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